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music cd production
Audio production, CD cover creation and 3D animated music video production available for music CD creation, film and T.V. and Advertising Jingles.
Music CD & Audio Production
So you've created some great music... Now what?
Are you a future Rock Star... Many talented musicians feel they will never be able to sell their music main stream because of the associated high production cost. Let us help you to the next level. We can take recordings of your music and turn it in to your very own Music CD, complete with graphics for your CD cover. Your music will be available to the world in CD and Mp3 format. Your fans will be able to purchase your music on many popular sites including Apple itunes. We know the process because we went through the process. We created Point of Impact "Long winter" to learn the ins and outs, and we did it on a very small budget, and we can do the same for you. We can also create 3D animated music videos to put on Youtube to help tell the story of your song and help promote your music.
Animated music videos
Trippin Yes Ezzedozzit Funk That Hipshot Jungleweed
Get music placed in TV, film, video games, and more
The demand for independent music in film, TV, YouTube, and video games has exploded, and there's no sign of it slowing. Licensing your music and getting paid for it is a great way to make your music work for you, and it's no longer an opportunity reserved exclusively for major-label artists. Independent musicians everywhere are taking advantage of this new revenue stream, and now you can be one of them.
make your songs available for sync licensing
This means you can get paid every time a consumer or creative professional uses your music as part of the soundtrack to their next project.
Earn money from your music on YouTube
48 hours worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That's nearly 8 years of video uploaded everyday. What's missing from the millions of hours of music on YouTube? Your music! We'll make your music available in YouTube's growing catalog of licensable music, and give video creators the option of using your music to bring their next project to life. The more your music is used, the more you get paid. It's that easy.
Get music placed in TV, film, video games, and more
We'll make your music available not just on YouTube, but through diverse licensing channels that present opportunities in TV, film, video games, and more. Your song could be featured in an indie film or mainstream TV show!


Music CD Covers
Nell / Cupids of Mercy
Nell / Cupids of Mercy


Music CD Covers
Catherine / I See God Everywhere
Catherine / I See God Everywhere


Animated Videos
We can create animated music videos for Youtube to help promote your music.
Click to open animated music videos Trippin Yes Ezzedozzit Funk That Hipshot Jungleweed Nightcreeps
Please Note: Music videos are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the final quality.
Music CDs

“'Long Winter' created by ‘Point of Impact' is a blend of several styles. Born from the mind of John Terrio, electronic fusion and guitar styling give direction to multi-layered funky grooves.”

We can easily set up your store front to help promote and sell your music to the world.

Trippin Yes Ezzedozzit Funk That Hipshot Jungleweed Nightcreeps



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